We Are a Digital-Driven Company That Provides One-Stop Business Accounting & Corporate Secretarial Services

Kickstart your business with us! We cater to both small and big businesses!


A digital company secretary that expands
beyond conventional roles

We simplify routine tasks to allow you to focus on growing your business

First-Ever Digital Corporate Secretarial Services attached to the largest Home-Grown Digital Ecosystem

Now, you can have access to your business platform and corporate secretarial services on the same portal digitally, post your queries to us anytime and anywhere!

Cloud Corporate Secretary

With just a click on the portal, you can access your company’s information from anywhere at any time.

Online Incorporation

The new normal is digital. No more manual interactions and visits! Just access PrestoOffice website to get started! 

Transparent Pricing

No hidden cost or hourly rate! We want to keep you informed on the prices that we offer.


We are your Bookkeeper & Biz Strategic Partners

Make better and faster business decisions with insightful reports. We optimize our technology and provide you with real-time data and synthesize information for you to determine your profitability, cash flow, and growth.

1-hour Consultation

We provide 1 hour of FREE consultation services to seek professional advice on accounting, corporate advisory, auditing, and taxation.

Cloud Accounting System

Carry out all your accounting transactions off-site including e-invoicing and STORING your business and accounting information, receipts, and invoices on the portal. We provide a BORDERLESS  accounting system where you can access from anywhere at any time with just a click on the portal.

Marketing Integration

The first ever business accounting services on Presto that allows our subscribers to tap into the large membership base including multiple loyalty rewards program.

Real-time Reporting & Analysis

A DATA VISUALISATION tool that provides you with real-time reporting and analysis of the business. Choose your desired widgets to display and EMPHASIZE the information that matter most to your business.


30 years of experience in our service

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